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With us your shipments are managed in an efficient and personalized manner, we are able to offer services to both B2B than B2C channels (e-commerce, private, etc ..) with cutting edge solutions and the best market rates.

In relation to your business needs and your business model, we will propose the most suitable solution, always finding the right balance between quality and cost.


There are many ways to manage the logistics of an e-commerce shop. We choose the best for you.

The logistical requirements change depending on sector, geographic target, business structure, range and catalog sales volumes.

So, depending on your business, may be more appropriate a solution based on an  internal warehouse  instead of a dropshipping solution or a  logistics outsourcing.

We analyze the situation and suggest the most efficient solution in terms of operations and cost.


The e-commerce is growing exponentially, and many companies are realizing the enormous potential it.
To exploit this potential, you need an organization best suited to serve the needs of a market different from the one you are used to, and a logistics specialist.

To help you to tap this new and exciting marketm, we have built an e-commerce oriented warehouse and a distribution network capable to fulfill orders and deliver them in Italy and abroad in a timely and accurate manner, We can also put at your disposition a web-based software platform already integrated with the best-commerce software on the market: Magento, PrestaShop, Woo Commerce and many others.

Entrust us your eCommerce!


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